The Mobile Data Offload Market

The Mobile data offload market has seen a considerable growth in recent years owing to the rise in internet penetration, higher adoption of mobile technologies by end users, making access to any content on any device from anywhere and the Internet of Everything (IoT) more sustainable.

Internet usage is increasing across the globe. Developed nations has almost reached maturity in terms of internet penetration, it is at the peak among developing nations and growing rapidly among underdeveloped nations. Internet penetration rate as of June 2018 is 55.1% and around 4.2 Billion individuals have access to the internet across the globe. Asia has highest number of internet users considering the huge population countries while North America leads in terms of penetration rate, according to the data published by World Internet Users Stats.

 As a greater number of people using internet, there will be more data trafficking and more need of data offloading which is driving the growth of this market during the forecast period. 

The increase in technological innovations plays a key role in uptake of internet usage. Now a day’s many smart devices are hitting the market apart from smart phones and laptops. There is smart TV, Voice Over Devices, Bluetooth speakers, lights etc and growth of wireless devices leading to increasing usage of internet for their functioning. Each year several new devices in different form factors and increased capabilities and intelligence are introduced in the market.

Hence technological evolution is contributing to the growth of market.