Integration of AI into E-commerce platforms transforming shopping experience

Artificial Intelligence is the fastest breakthrough which is transforming the E-commerce industry due

to its smart solutions. Due to the stiff competition for customers, E-commerce market players are

enabling AI in their ERP systems.


The AI applications range from the ability to analyze data sets, identifying patterns and creating a

personalized experience. AI also offers personalized recommendations and suggest the products

based on their respective interests thus offers a personalized touch.


AI has started disrupting the E-commerce industry right from the start. AI has empowered the users

with the many high-tech experiences ranging from stores to websites and from chatbots to voice



Now, AI is a driven technology that also allows a visual search. It is one of the most stimulating

trends that helps the user to discover what they want with just a single click. E-Commerce industry

with the help of Artificial Intelligence solutions can be a game changer. Brands are moving beyond

customer daily utilities to help them to achieve the best possible results.


Online shoppers in India are expected to reach 120 million in 2018 and eventually 220 million by

2025, according to India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF). As the number of shoppers are increasing

exponentially, there is rise in demand which is attracting more investments.


Further, government initiatives are pushing the private entities to invest into E-commerce. Hence,

the B2B market is attracting more investments considering the present scenario which creates

opportunities for this market to grow during the forecast period.