About Pegasus

     Pegasus, subsidiary of Chromatus Consulting, is India based consulting firm specialized in market research, data collection, market strategy consultations. Pegasus, for past 10 years has been continuously observing, collecting, and analysing data with latest market trends. We go through a deep sponsored research studies which allow us to deliver intelligence as per client’s requirement. Our 360° in-depth analysis, detailed knowledge of the subject expertise helps the clients in building actionable strategies.

     Pegasus offers solutions with financial analysis for varied strategic product launch, feasibility and marketing challenges, having base in consumer research, with valuable insights from stakeholders in understanding the ground scenario. Our global research experts analyse and publish a wide range of B2C research reports, articles, and blog throughout the year. We also perform a series of global research studies with consumers and B2B leaders across industries, and share top- level insights with our clients in a tracker study. The customized client demands are also catered with Pegasus.

Why Pegasus?

> 15 years of Quantitative & Qualitative Research Experience.
> 10 years of B2B level Consulting Experience
> Successfully completed 150+ Assignment across globe for new product launch & feasibility studies
> A global network of experts in more than 15 countries for data collection across various industries
> Strong database of 250 trending topics across 12 business verticals
> Commitment for quality service

Our Research Approach

We follow a holistic approach including data triangulation approach increase reliability and credibility of the market intelligence provided to the client. Key steps include:

Secondary Research- These steps includes data collection from various authenticated sources with paid and unpaid databases. A dedicated team continuously tracks various markets and update the internal database periodically.

Primary Research- The organised data is validated through with the information gathered from the various industry experts. The qualitative and quantitative insights are gathered through questionnaires and panels from stakeholders throughout the supply chain of the industry.

Data Triangulation- The data triangulation ensures the high-level accuracy by validating the data from internal database, secondary research, and primary research. This ensure high credibility to the clients and thus consulting them to develop actionable strategies.